Soarer Model Changes

Below you can find all of the production model changes made to the Z30 Toyota Soarer throughout it's lifecycle

Date Modifications
May 1991 Introduction of 3rd generation Toyota Soarer


  • UZZ30 4.0GT


  • UZZ31 4.0GT-LIMITED equipped with GPS

  • UZZ32 4.0GT-LIMITED equiped with active control suspension

Body Colour
Super White Pearl(O51) (option for 2.5GT twin turbo)
Super Silver III Metallic (176)
Red Mica (3K3)
Beige Metallic[Gold] (4K9)
Dark Green Metallic (6M2)
Teal (6M3)
Dark Blue mica (8J5) (option)
Interior Colour
Grey (FA10)
Spruce (FA60)
Ivory (FA00)
May 1992 4.0GT-LIMITED front seat heater now standard equipment.
4.0GT-LIMITED Sun roof option added for active control suspension model.
Air temperature indicator added to 'multiple information display'.
"Automatic drive" renamed "cruise control".
Body colour addition: Black (202)
July of 1992 Special 'edition' car Special equipment (below) added to the base models 2.5GT-TWINTURBO and the 2.5GT-TWINTURBO LIMITED
(production time: July to September 1992? )
Front green glass Plated window mall (?)
Private coloured emblem (titanium coat)
Private coloured aluminium wheel (dark grey)
Motoki eye ornament (?)
Live sound system (6 speakers) + CD deck
Body colour and Interior colour (combination)
Body colour: Super white pearl mica (051) Interior colour: Grey (FA10)
Body colour: Black (202) Interior colour: Grey (FA10)
Body colour: Dark Green Metallic (6M2) Interior colour: Spruce (FA60)
August 1993 New steering wheel for : 4.0GT, 2.5GT-TWINTURBO-L and 2.5GT-TWINTURBO (SRS air bag equipped car)

['91 Soarer Tail Lights Image]
'91 Soarer Tail Lights

['94 Soarer Tail Lights Image]
'94 Soarer Tail Lights

January 1994 4.0GT discontinued
3.0GT (2JZ-GE) model added.
Package options set to three grades.
Front bumper design modification.
Fog lamps replace 'cornering' lamps.
Rear tail lights design change.
New 16 inch aluminium wheel design.
Introduction of water repellant glass.
New refrigerant for air conditioner
Wiper change?
Vehicle speed response wiper system equipped in 4.0GT-L active control suspension specification car and EMV package equipped car standard equipment.
Warning indicator lamp added to 'multiple information display'
Front bonnet emblem classified by grade (4.0GT-L and 2.5GT-T).
Body colour deletion:
Super silver III Metallic (176)
Red Mica (3K3)
Beige Metallic[Gold] (4K9)
Body colour addition:
Bluish Silver Metallic(1A0)
Super Red IV (3L2)
Medium Greyish Green Mica Graphite (6N1)
Interior colour discontinued: Grey(FA10)
Interior colour addition: Black (FA20)
May 1995 Power increase in 1UZ-FE engine from 260PS/36.0CKg to 265PS/37.0CKg
Multiple AV station option introduced
Body panel side stripe
Body colour discontinued: Medium Grayish Green Mica Graphite (6N1)
Body colour addition: Wine Red Mica (3L4)

['95 Soarer Side Stripe Image]
'95 Soarer with Side Stripe

August 1996 4.0GT-L active control suspension model discontinued.
3.0GT S package (includes 16 inch aluminium wheels and sport suspension as standard equipment).
1JZ-GTE engine VVT-i conversion.
2.5GT-T electronic control throttle system (ETCS), new automatic transmission (ECT-iE) added.
2.5GT-T L package equipped with TEMS air suspension.
2.5GT-T L package equipped with 5 speed manual transmission discontinued.
16 inch aluminium wheel, paint colour modification.
Design modifications to the front bumper, the fog lamps and the rear bumper, front grille added.
Total length now 4.900m (4cm increase)
width 1.805 (1.5cm increase)
Front passenger seat air bag
ABS as standard on all models.
Addition of anti ultraviolet radiation glass.
Multiple AV in station 5.8 type wide televisions added.
Body colour discontinued:
Dark Green Metallic (6M2)
Dark Blue Mica (8J5)
Body colour addition:
Dark green Mica Metallic (6P2)
Blue Mica Metallic (8L5)

['96 Soarer Front Bumper Image]
'96 Soarer with new design front bumper and grille

['96 Soarer Tail Lights Image]
'96 Soarer with new design rear bumper, rear spoiler and lights

August 1997 4.0GT-L (1UZ-FE) discontinued.
2JZ-GE engine VVT-i conversion power rise from 225PS/29.0CKg to 230PS/31.0CKg.
Adoption of GOA (?)
Body colour discontinued:
Wine Red Mica (3L4)
Body colour addition:
Rose Red Mica (3M9)
July 1998 Improvement of wide multiple AV station: D-GPS, Momet correspondence, 3d indication functional, postal code input. (?)
Body colour discontinued:
Super White Pearl (051)
Bluish Silver Metallic (1A0)
Body colour addition:
White Pearl Mica (057)
Silver Metallic (1C0)
Interior colour discontinued:
August 1999 Standard setting of 225/55r16 94v steel radial tyres and 16×7JJ aluminium wheel and the brakes for 16 inch to all models
Body colour discontinued:
Rose Red Mica (3M9)
Body colour addition:
Red Mica (3N1)
December 2000 End of Production