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Servicing and Parts:

Smiffies Soarer Sanctuary - The Soarer Specialists



Manufacturers Websites:

Toyota GB

Toyota Japan (Japanese site only)


Lexus UK

TTE - Toyota Team Europe

Soarer Production History

How do you tell the true age of your 'new' Soarer ? You cannot trust the date of its registration in a country outside Japan, and car sellers often make wild claims about the age of their Soarers.

There's only one reliable method of checking your Mk 3 or Mk 4 Soarer's age - by looking up its serial number in our Production History tables.

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Soarer World Gallery

Here is the place for all our members to show off their cars.

As a registered user of the Soarer World forum, you will get your own gallery section where you can add photos and list all your modifications to your Soarer.

It's a great way to keep your fellow Soarer owners updated on your progress.

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Soarer & SC Websites:

Go to the ALSC web site.

Go to the Planet Soarer  web site.


Soarer World Registry

Here at Soarer World we are trying to keep an accurate list of as many Soarers as possible Worldwide!

To do this we need your help. Please email us, using the "Contact us" page, with all the details of your Soarer. Please include details like, owners name, date purchased, colour, chassis number, modifications etc. Then look out for your car to be added to the list!


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Soarer World Car Sales

Here on Soarer World you can buy a Soarer or sell your Soarer in our Car Sales section.

For a very small charge, you can advertise your car with unlimited pictures and text and reach interested buyers worldwide!

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The Club Shop

Toyota and Lexus Specialists for all your genuine Toyota parts.

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