Soarer Model History

Read about the history of the Toyota Soarer throughout the years

Soarer Models Summarised

Soarer Mk4 - 2001-2005[Soarer Mk4 Image]

The most recent Toyota Soarer (Z40) 430 SCV is exclusively a hardtop convertible. Chief engineer for the new Soarer project, Yasushi Nakagawa, was given the design goals of making an all weather convertible, with beauty and style regardless of the roof being open or closed, and to follow the philosophy of Soarer production by making the most beautiful coupe for its time and generation. In Japan the new Soarer was promoted as the 'Jewel of Prestige Convertible'. For the world market it was called the Lexus SC430.

Soarer Mk3 - 1991-2001[Soarer Mk3 Image]

This all-new Toyota Soarer (Z30) was launched in 1991 with boldly executed styling from the famous Calty Design Studios in California, USA. Available with a 4.0-litre 1UZ-FE V8 engine, also used in the Celsior, and a 2.5-litre twin turbo 1JZ-GTE engine, the Soarer forged new ground with its fine balance of luxury and sporty performance. Later models were also produced with the 3.0-litre 2JZ-GE engine.

This third generation Soarer was also the first to be sold outside Japan - badged for the US market as the Lexus SC400 and Lexus SC300. It was also the first production car to feature 'active controlled suspension', in the UZZ32 version. The luxury specification through the range also included items such as air suspension, TEMS, a touch screen display and a camera in the rear spoiler to aid reversing.
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Soarer Mk2 - 1986-1991[Soarer Mk2 Image]

The second generation Toyota Soarer (Z20) introduced in 1986 features an eye-appealing rounded form with its flush surface canopy design. A landmark vehicle that gave birth to Toyota's prestige car category. It was also the first model to feature an electronic retractable metal roof. The car was available with several different engine configurations through its production history, including the 2.0-litre 1G-GEU, the 2.0-litre turbo engined 1G-GTEU and the 3.0-litre 7M-GTEU (also used in the Mark III Supra). The car also featured the Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension (TEMS) and air suspension on the top of the range models.

Soarer Mk1 - 1981-1986[Soarer Mk1 Image]

The Soarer was named to evoke an image of effortless soaring with the wind. Toyota's new luxury 2-door coupe, the Z10, was based on the EX-8 prototype shown at the Osaka International Motor Show held in November 1980. The Soarer featured the first inline straight 6 DOHC engine since the Toyota 2000GT. The first incarnation of the Soarer brand gained immense popularity as a luxury GT in its home market of Japan. Top of the range was the 2.8ltr GT-Limited with the 5M-GEU engine capable of 175hp. Other models included the 125 bhp 2.0ltr single overhead cam 1G-EU and the 145bhp M-TEU turbo.