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Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS 300 / 430

Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS


Model Designations:

GH-JZS161-BEPVZ(V) (Vertex Edition)

TA-JZS160-BEAQF(V) (Vertex Edition)
TA-JZS160-BEAQF(W) (Walnut Package)

Toyota Aristo Dimensions


Overall Length mm 4,805
Overall Width mm 1,800
Overall Height mm 1,435
Wheelbase mm 2,800
Vehicle Weight kg 1,620 to 1,955 (varies by model)
Capacity people 5

Chassis Control

Steering Rack & pinion with power assist
Suspension (F/R) Double wishbone coil spring
Braking System (F/R) Ventilated discs/Discs
Drive Train RWD

Drag Coefficient (Cd Value) 0.29



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